Restoring Midwifery and Birth WORKBOOK

Welcome! This workbook is to help you start the path of restoring midwifery and birth to your community or Nation. It is designed to help you understand and work with some of the issues that are likely to arise and to provide ideas and space for your own reflections. This workbook was inspired by the many communities and Nations striving to restore Indigenous midwifery and birth.

We hope this workbook helps you to place your local context within the bigger picture and that you can strategize your approach to restoring midwifery and birth. Every community and Nation have a unique process for returning birth and midwifery, and each midwife has their own path. There is also much that is shared among communities and Nations doing this work. We invite you to use this workbook in any way that is supportive and helpful, and to reach out to NCIM as you feel the need.


  • Electronically: this document is a fillable pdf format that you can complete online or download. Hyperlinks are included for easy navigation to resources that are mentioned. You may like to do some of the activities by hand, in which case you can print out those pages.
  • Print it: the workbook is printer-friendly and includes QR codes that you can scan with your smartphone to be directed to the resources that are mentioned. These links are listed in Appendix 1.
  • Order a printed copy: visit our store to order a print copy