National Aboriginal Council of Midwives (NACM)

“As more Aboriginal women enter the field of midwifery and are able to grow in their practice and experience, they are going to awaken and become alive to this incredible dimension of knowledge, power and intelligence that will heal our generations.”
— Katsi Cook

Diverse Pathways: Bringing Indigenous midwifery home

Diverse Pathways: Bringing Indigenous midwifery home

We’ve launched a booklet to share some examples of the multiple pathways Indigenous midwives have taken to return midwifery to our communities. >>>

Investing in Indigenous midwifery

NACM has partnered with CAM, Action Canada and Oxfam Canada to drive progress on sexual and reproductive health and rights in Canada. Delivering at Home Proposals: Indigenous Midwifery, National Contraceptive Cost Coverage, and Empowering the Future Generation. >>>