BIRTHBACK is a movement to reclaim birth. From coast to coast to coast, Indigenous midwives are returning midwifery and birth to Indigenous communities. Use this social media toolkit to join the campaign. We created it as a resource to help you in the fight to bring birth back to your community.

Choose from our selection of images and copy-paste one of the messages below (or write your own)!

Please use the #BirthBack hashtag freely in your own social media posts about Indigenous midwifery and birth. We want it be a rallying cry to help show this issue should be important to everyone.

We’re hoping the hashtag will catch on and be a way for us to unite and see all of the amazing work happening from coast to coast to coast to bring birth back to Indigenous communities.


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Copy-paste one of these messages into your social media post (or write your own)

Indigenous midwives from coast to coast to coast are returning midwifery and birth to Indigenous communities.  Get resources to help bring #BirthBack to your community: #Indigenous #Decolonize

Colonization and systemic racism in the Canadian health care system have removed birth from our communities for too long. Indigenous midwives are part of the movement to reclaim birth. We need Indigenous-led sexual and reproductive health care in every Indigenous community. #BirthBack #IndigenousMidwives

Indigenous midwives were once a cornerstone of every Indigenous community. They can be again. It’s time to bring #BirthBack. #IndigenousMidwives

Indigenous-led healthcare = better health outcomes and more resilient communities. We need more Indigenous midwives to bring #BirthBack home and fulfill TRC Calls to Action 19&23. #IndigenousMidwives #Indigenous #Decolonize

Indigenous midwives uphold birth as a deeply profound and sacred event. Let’s bring #BirthBack to our communities. Because every family, like every newborn, deserves to be held close. #IndigenousMidwives #Decolonize

Indigenous lifegivers deserve to give birth in safety, surrounded by loved ones. We need Indigenous midwives in every Indigenous community. Let’s bring #BirthBack. #IndigenousMidwives 

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Make sure you hashtag your posts with #BirthBack

Consider adding other popular and relevant hashtags like #IndigenousMidwives #Indigenous #Decolonize

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More to come…

Together we’re building a movement to bring BIRTHBACK and this toolkit will continue to grow.

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