Stories and Teachings about Pregnancy, Birth and Infant Care (2017)

These 3 booklets are shared as a set. Indigenous teachings and cultural knowledge from many nations, for the health of our children, families and communities. Beautiful photos donated by Indigenous families.

Pregnancy PDF >>> | Birth PDF >>> | Infant Care PDF >>>

Bringing Birth Back

An education, advocacy and partnership initiative to increase access to Indigenous Midwifery (2018) PDF >>>

Landscape of Midwifery in Canada

2016 data that was partially updated in 2018 PDF >>>

The Landscape of Midwifery Care for Aboriginal Communities in Canada (2016)

In 2016, the National Aboriginal Council of Midwives published four policy recommendations that support culturally safe midwifery services for Indigenous families. Since its publication NACM has made headway on ALL four recommendations with the Canadian Government:

  • Increasing Midwifery Positions in Indigenous Communities
  • Out of Region Care – Improving access to care for remote communities
  • Hospital Privileges and Limits on Midwifery Care
  • Funding for Indigenous midwifery practices in federal jurisdictions

Based on research about how Indigenous midwives are serving our communities. Contains a map of where midwives and NACM members are located across Canada, case studies of three practices serving Indigenous families, challenges and strengths of Indigenous midwifery practices, and policy recommendations. PDF >>>

Bringing Birth Back Aboriginal Midwifery Toolkit (2014)

NACM’s Toolkit for Returning Birth to Aboriginal Communities was first printed in 2012 and has been distributed to key people in communities who have reached out to NACM for support to bring birth back. PDF >>>

COMING SOON: an updated, online version of the Toolkit will provide a world‑accessible, multimedia learning platform that will support communities in their advocacy and work of returning birth. It will be shareable among communities. Each community approaches NACM at a different stage in the journey of reclaiming births, with unique stories and needs. The toolkit will be a resource as communities explore, learn, strategize and work towards the return of birth and Indigenous midwifery.

NACM Pamphlets (2012)

Short information pamphlets promoting the profession of Indigenous midwifery.

Finding the Path PDF >>>
Aboriginal Midwifery in Practice PDF >>>
Restoration & Renewal PDF >>>

NACM is pleased to share these resources for midwives, families, leaders and policy makers.

PDFs of these resources can be downloaded for free — in exchange, we ask that you email us to tell us what community or organization you are from and why you are interested in the publication.