The NATIONAL FORUM Starts Today at 12 ET


The National Council of Indigenous Midwives (NCIM) is announcing WATCH PARTIES for the national virtual forum CONNECTING TOGETHER on February 27 & 28th, 2024!

What are Watch Parties?
Watch Parties will gather people together in communities across Turtle Island to participate in the virtual forum. Participants will join the watch parties in-person to tune into the livestream, which can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection. Forum participants can decide to host or join a watch party, or tune in independently from their personal device.

Examples of watch parties are: friends gathered in a living room, colleagues gathered in a board room, or community members gathered in a hall, or any way you can imagine as long as people are getting together to tune in!

Who can host a watch party?
Anyone can host a watch party! Watch parties that receive funding through NCIM need to have a host over 18 who can sign a contract.

What is available to help watch party hosts?
Watch party hosts can apply for funding up to $6,000 for their event. Your group will need to keep track of your receipts and send them to NCIM with your report.
All hosts will receive access to a toolkit that includes activity suggestions, discussion questions and social media tools to support their event.

Other important info:
Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until all funds have been disbursed. Please submit your watch party information as soon as possible to be considered.
Applications involving funding over $1000 need to be associated with an organization that can accept the funding. Applications for smaller watch parties with funds $1000 and below do not require an organization.


For any questions, please contact or call/text us at + 1-514-807-3668

Are you hosting a Watch Party? We’ve put together some useful resources to help you make your event a success.

Go to Watch Party Resources >

Apply for up to $6,000 towards your watch party

+ Be 1 of the first 5 Watch Parties to register and get FREE copies of Restoring Midwifery and Birth WORKBOOK for all your guests!

Deadline to register your Watch Party and receive funds BEFORE the Forum is Friday February 8th 2024. Any Watch Parties registered after this date will be refunded post event.



12:00 Day 1: Event Opening Day 2 Opening remarks
12:15 Birthing in Power; Cassondra’s Home Birth in Kitigan Zibi Anishinaabeg
12:45 Indigenous midwifery research through narratives: A discussion of Indigenous Midwifery digital stories
13:15 Irnisuksiijiit – Our Right: Returning Birth to Inuit Communities
13:30 Métis Nation Sask-Midwifery and Birthing Centre
13:45 15 Minute Break 15 Minute Break
Journeying Through Maternity Care: Unveiling Risks and Recommendations for First Nations in Ontario
Returning Innu Midwives and Births to Innu Communities of Labrador
14:30 The Beautiful Canoe : Storytelling about Indigenous People’s Reproductive Experiences Through Theatre.
14:45 Revitalizing Birthing and Child Rearing Program
15:00 Event Closing
15:30 Day 1 Wrap up