The New York Times and the World Health Organization write about Indigenous midwifery

March 4, 2020

In January 2020, Indigenous midwifery featured in articles in the New York Times and in the World Health Organization newsroom.

“Canada’s government once pressured Inuit women to travel south to give birth. Now, they can have their babies at a hometown maternity clinic led by Inuit midwives.”

Photographs by y Amber Bracken and 

This article features two of NACM’s Core Leaders, Brenda Epoo and Margaret Mina.

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Bringing midwifery back to a northern Canadian community – Jan 31, 2020

“Heather Heinrichs is a midwife working in remote Hay River in Canada’s Northwest Territories – a sub‑arctic town of 3,500 nestled on the south bank of Great Slave Lake. Until five years ago, women from Hay River who wanted to give birth had to fly or drive around the huge expanse of lake to deliver in Yellowknife, the Territorial capital, or travel hundreds of kilometres south to larger centres.”

Text and photos © WHO/Christine McNab

This article features NACM member Heather Heinrichs.

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