NACM Member selected for Women Deliver’s Young Leaders Program

July 9, 2018

Emily Chartrand-Hudson, who started practice in Fall 2017, was one of 300 chosen out of 3000 young women leaders from around the world to participate in the Women Deliver’s Young Leaders Program.

The participants were selected for their potential to have a lasting impact on the lives of girls and women. The Women Deliver website reports that, as a group, they have already driven tangible progress on a wide range of issues, including sexual and reproductive health and rights, LGBTQ+ rights, peace and security,waterand sanitation, gender-based violence, education, maternal health, and political participation. The Young Leaders Program provides youth advocates with opportunities to build and strengthen their advocacy capacity and skills. Those opportunities include: the Women Deliver’s Young Leaders Program Digital University, Speakers Bureau, small grants, sponsorship to the Women Deliver 2019 Conference, and more.

When asked for her thoughts on her acceptance, Emily said,

“I am very excited to have been selected for the Women Deliver youth leadership program. It is a large international organization full of many talented, brilliant young people working to further women’s health, well-being, and equity. I feel totally honoured and humbled to have been selected to be a part of their cohort, and look forward to meeting these amazing folks, both virtually and in person at the Women Deliver conference in Vancouver in 2019. I think the program will be of huge benefit to my skills as an Indigenous midwife and women’s health advocate. We haven’t started any formal work yet, but I am looking forward to seeing what the program has in store in the near future.”

As the student Core Leader in 2017, Emily applied herself diligently to pursuing NACM’s vision of integrating an Indigenous midwife into every indigenous community in Canada. She has shown herself to be a considerate and reliable leader, as motivated to learn about leadership as she is to learn her profession. Congratulations, Emily!

Emily Chartrand-Hudson
Emily Chartrand-Hudson
Women Deliver
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